8-10 MAY 2020




75 years since victory

What is VE75?

VE Day or Victory in Europe Day- The Nation marks 75 years to the date since the end of World War 2, when fighting against Germany in Europe came to an end. On the 8th of May 1945, Prime Minister Winston Churchill made an announcement that war in Europe had ended.

The end of WWII

At the end of the Second World War 3.8 million British men and 400,000 women were demobilised, returning to their homes and families, some for the first time in many years.

To this was added tens of thousands of evacuees, the majority of them children, who returned home often after years spent away from their homes. 

Millions of personnel from Commonwealth forces also faced long journeys back to their homes across the world, whilst over 60 million refugees across the world were left displaced needing to rebuild their lives.

These reunions were often joyous, frequently strained and sometimes painful. Resettlement to civilian life was a major concern of post-war governments and a driver of social change in Britain and across the world.

Did you know that even though VE Day marked victory for Europe over Germany, it did not mark the end of World War Two. On 15th August 1945, Japan was finally defeated. AKA – VJ Day. World War Two was finally over.

VE day was celebrated by many people, the nation rejoiced that the fighting had stopped and parties filled the streets up and down the country. The future Queen described it was ‘’one of the most memorable nights of my life.’’

What better to commemorate this by celebrating it right here in Mirfield. Visit our website www.mirfieldremembers.org.uk to book your attendance and see how you can be involved in our VE75!



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